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High Resolution: Yes, Compatible OS Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 10, Application Runtime: .NET 4

Download Hot Corners - Automate your daily tasks on Windows Free Nulled Code & Plugins (6.66 MB)

  • Application Runtime .NET 4
  • Demo Url demo
  • High Resolution Yes
  • Operating System Versions Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8 Desktop,Windows 10
  • Video Preview Resolution 1920x1080
  • Published at 2017-01-09T06:30:20Z
  • Updated at 2017-01-15T05:06:15Z

	Hot Corners is a time-saver tool which comes with many useful features that makes it unique.

The application comes with a set of fully customizable actions (or presets) that can be performed when the mouse is around a corner of the screen, that is, you can automate any task you want by moving the mouse cursor to one of the corners of your display, you can assign different tasks for each corner, helping you in repetitive daily tasks.
Internal Mouse Tracking 
The application internally keeps tracking of mouse activity to improve performance and CPU usage by switchtng to idle state when the mouse is inactive, Hot Corners is not intrusive with the S.O, it only works when mouse activity is detected.
Action Customizer 
Each corner can be co
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