Download Just Calendar | Universal Generator Free Nulled Stock Footage & Video Effects (4.99 MB)


Just Calendar is a script for Adobe After Effects that provides a simple way to generate calendar convenient for fast and comfortable customization and animation.

  • Fully shape.
  • Natural set of precomposes for different cell types.
  • Enormous time savings.


  • Supports any month of any year.
  • Supports week numbering in different standards.
  • Supports free set of holidays.

  • Has horizontal or vertical layout option.
  • Has flexible geometric options.
  • Can generate Expression Controls for dynamic geometry change.

  • Supports free localization from XML file.
  • Has some usability options.


This project has a video QuickStart.
You can see HD version of it on my Youtube channel.

The music used in the preview is available here: Cheerful Vocals
The music used in the quick start is available here: Jolly Swing
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