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phpBB Version: 3.2.0+

UPDATED: v2.0.3 – April 7th 2017


Milk is a clean & modern responsive style for phpBB 3.1


  • Clean & Simple Design
  • 2-click Logo Upload
  • Header image background
  • Fully Responsive
  • Options Control Panel
  • 16 Million Colour)
  • 3 Header Layouts
  • 3 Navbar Colours
  • Customisable Footer Sections
  • SVG Icons
  • Fixed or Boxed Layout
  • Customisable Social Icons
  • Scroll to top button
  • Profile Side Switcher (Left or Right)
  • Pretty topic prefixes


  • “Post Post’ avatars are added through a third-party extension: Avatar in Last Post
  • RTL is not currently supported (but we’re working on it!)
  • Owing to the custom nature of the theme, some hooks (required for extension support) may be missing. This is not intentional, please contact us if you encounter any issues so they can be re-added.
  • Logos and most background images featured in screenshots aren’t included with theme

Help & Support

We are happy to provide Help & Support to all PlanetStyles Customers. We usually reply with 24 hours. Simply contact us through our Support Page and we’ll be happy to help.


 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.0.3 - Apr 7th, 2017  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [ADD] Dark base colour preset - [ADD] Ability to choose a 'dark' header overlay instead of colour - [ADD] Neon Blue accent colour preset - [ADD] Setting to reposition site logo (left / right / center)  - [FIX] Console log error caused by collapsible category function firing when the feature was disabled - [FIX] Uploaded logos can now be any size without throwing it out of alignment  - [CHANGE] Appearance of unread notifications in notification dropdown                         - [CHANGE] Reduced height of 'stripe' block headers - [CHANGE] Sidebar profile widget links moved closer to avatar - [CHANGE] Repositioned topic type indicator and changed background colour to inherit from preset. Also reduced font size. - [CHANGE] Removed rounded corners from category headers - [CHANGE] Font colour tweaks - [CHANGE] Header background will now automatically scale in mobile layouts  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.0.2 - Feb 1st, 2017  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [FIX] reCaptcha wasn't visible in some cases - [FIX] Navbar contents escaped the container in boxed layout when navbar set to 'inside header'   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.0.1 - January 23rd, 2017 (phpBB 3.2 version) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [FIX] Responsive forum title alignment - [FIX] Notification and Drop-down menus weren't correctly overlapping main wrapper - [FIX] Register and login buttons weren't displaying the correct background colour when a custom colour was selected via Flightdeck  - [CHANGE] Set max-width on logo to prevent responsive breakdown. - [CHANGE] Milk now inherits any missing template files (eg: For extensions) from prosilver.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.0.0 - January 17th, 2017 (phpBB 3.2 version) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [REWRITE] Major ground-up re-write for phpBB 3.2  - [ADD] Full phpBB 3.2.0 support - [ADD] Feature: Parallax Header - [ADD] Feature: Particle Header - [ADD] Feature: Boxed / Fluid Layout - [ADD] Feature: Colour Presets - [ADD] Feature: Grid Forumlist Display - [ADD] Feature: Customisable Content Block Headers - [ADD] Feature: Option for Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar or Both - [ADD] Feature: Sidebar Profile Widget - [ADD] Extensive Responsive Framework - [ADD] All features from phpBB 3.1 version.  - [REMOVE] Oversized footer  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.2 - October 17th, 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [ADD] phpBB 3.1.10 Compatibility  - [CHANGE] Removed unchanged template files that are inherited from prosilver  - [FIX] Highlighted text was became invisible in Firefox        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - October 1st, 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     - [FIX] Scale logo in responsive layout - [FIX] Accent colour broken in Firefox    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.1 - September 26th, 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  - [ADD] Feature: Upload header background + options for setting position / repeat - [ADD] Feature: Header Tint  - [ADD] Feature: Set accent colour by HEX code / colour picker - [ADD] Feature: High contrast footer links - [ADD] Feature: Set Forum width (px or %) - [ADD] Option: Transparent Navbar Background  - [CHANGE] Footer Structure  - [FIX] Logo was hidden in responsive mode                       ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.0 - May 28th, 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  - Initial Release 

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