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Material Design in phpBB in other way!

This theme works with phpBB 3.2

Ravaio – premium phpBB3.2 theme with perfect responsive design and a lot of customization options available without any coding knowledge. Customize theme colors, add items to your menus, sidebar, change overall layout just with few clicks! Retina ready with support for every resolution.

More About Ravaio

  • Powerful Ravaio Settings Extension,
  • Three Statistic Blocks Variants,
  • Sticky Header Option,
  • Unlimited Colors,
  • Multiple Theme Variants per User,
  • Three Site Description Variants,
  • Beautiful Post Images Preview,
  • Separate Header Options for Front Page,
  • Boxed and Wide Layouts,
  • Support for Text and Image Logo,
  • Works with Any Language,
  • Support RTL Languages,
  • Edit Sidebar Blocks without editing Single File,
  • Sidebar on Front Page, Forum Page and/or Topic Page,
  • Manage Your Header Menu from phpBB ACP,
  • Footer Blocks Editable via Ravaio Settings Extension,
  • Great Responsive Look,
  • Sharp Images on Any Resolution,
  • Valid HTML code,
  • Font Awesome Icons,
  • Google Fonts,
  • Custom Topic Icons,
  • Custom Forum Icons,
  • Dropdown Menus,
  • Sticky Footer,
  • Four Last Posts in Footer,
  • Redesigned UCP and MCP,
  • Styled Check Boxes and Select Boxes,
  • Alphabet Default Avatars,
  • Beauty Quick Login Box,
  • Moderator Friendly Topic List,
  • Mobile Friendly Breadcrumbs,
  • Detailed Documentation,
  • Quick Support,
  • Two Variants of Post Block,
  • Footer Menu Editable via Extension,
  • Additional Text Below Footer Menu Editable via Extension,
  • Round, Square or Rectangle Avatars,
  • Poster informations in Dropdown Box or Under Avatar,
  • Color Picker,
  • Social Icons in Footer Menu,
  • Social Icons in Header Menu,
  • Header Background Image on Front Page,
  • Header Background Image on Pages Other than Front Page,
  • Dropdown Menus editable via Extension,
  • Poster Informations in Dropdown or Under Avatar,
  • Back to top button option,
  • Easy logo and header image upload,
  • Mega menu in header.
LESS source available on request; fast way to create your own unique theme variant.

Supported Extensions

All phpBB Official Extensions are supported.
  • Auto Groups
  • Board Rules
  • Board Announcements
  • Google Analytics
  • Pages
  • Collapsible Forum Categories
Some unofficial extensions are supported too.
  • Recent Topics
  • Ajax Shoutbox
  • Last Post Avatar
Want to know about support for other extensions? Just contact me via support tab.


You can contact me using contact form on this theme support tab.

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2.2.1  Updates:     Compatibility update for phpBB 3.2.0  2.2.0  Updates:     Compatibility update for phpBB 3.1.10  Fixes:     Recent topics problem with topics that waits for approval  New options:     Configure multiple theme variants that user can choose from     Upload your logo and header images directly from configuration extension  Improvements:     Configuration extension speed     Compressed CSS files are now served by default     Smoother animations     Better contrast for some theme elements  2.1.8  Fixes:     Approve/disapprove post template     Configuration Extension custom CSS parsing     Post content overflow issues     Codebox overflow issues  New options:     Multilevel menus  Improvements:     Better responsive menu     UCP sidebar button for responsive view  2.1.7  Fixes:     Mobile view colors table     Configuration extension translation files  New options:     Ability to set custom CSS in ACP  2.1.6  Updates:     Compatibility update for phpBB 3.1.9  2.1.5  Fixes:     Responsive menu on some devices     User dropdown menu spacing     RTL view  Updates:     Print view     Moderator list in forum list is now hidden in responsive view  New options:     Control over dark preset via extension  2.1.4  Fixes:     Inconsistencies inside forums table     Inconsistencies inside topics table     Confirmation page layout     Login form below protected forums     Login box inside protected forums  2.1.3  Updates:     New responsive menu look     Better breadcrumbs display in responsive view  New options:     Added more color settings  Fixes:     Buttons and inputs on different systems     The team page look  2.1.1  Updates:     Compatibility update for phpBB 3.1.8  New files:     Support files for collapsible categories extension  Fixes:     No avatar display in some extensions  2.1.0  Updates:     Compatibility update for phpBB 3.1.7-PL1     Recent posts look     Longer fields for menu titles and URL fileds     Custom menu items are now displayed in responsive view  New options:     Recent posts look selection     Mega menu in header     Set text beside header icon in responsive view     Back to top arrow     Arrow beside some menu items with dropdown  Fixes:     Reponsive look spacing issues  2.0.1  New options:     Dark Preset  Fixes:     HTML code display in custom text below footer menu     Fixed character encoding for inputs in extension  2.0.0  New options:     Round, square or rectangle avatars shape     Poster informations in dropdown box or under avatar     Poster column separate or in post box     Poster column width     Separate header background color on pages other than front page     Separate sub header background color     Header image on front page     Header image on pages other than front page     Font Awesome Icons in header menu     Custom code in header menu items(useful for dropdown)     Font Awesome Icons in sidebar titles     Custom text below footer menu     Extended footer blocks     Font Awesome Icons in footer blocks     Links in footer blocks titles     Footer menu     Font Awesome Icons in footer menu     Left or right side footer menu item option     Color picker  Fixes:     Recent posts in footer height     Responsive tables in UCP and MCP     Look of reCAPTCHA     Image background for  tag  Improvements:     Better extension caching
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