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Package containing one Photoshop Action featuring a dramatic infernal color effect on your images. The effect is easy to achieve, so it won’t take long for the effect to apply.

Inside the package you’ll find one .atn file, and one PDF file explaining how to install and use the action. A few tips for using this action:

1. Make sure your image is not a smart object. If it is, press right click on the image layer and select the option “rasterize layer”. This way you make sure the action will work on you image.

2. Make sure you use the action on a single opened image. Don’t try to use it on an image that is already part of a project, because the effect may apply to everything, not only the image you want. You can try, but if the desired effect is not achieved, you should try using the action on a new opened image.

As every other action out there, errors may appear. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to comment on my Graphic River profile and I’ll help you as soon as I see your comment.

!!! Be aware that some images may not have the same results as other images. Some of them with different light details will get different results. Very bright pictures may not benefit from the effect and may look completely unrecognizable when using this action. Same for images that are too dark.

In case your images are too bright, inside the .atn file you’ll find two more actions beside the normal one. Use the other two (“dramatic infernal action bright images” and “dramatic infernal action bright images extreme”) to see if the effect can be applied to your bright image.!!!

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you enjoy the action :)

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