Download Eos - A Simple And Powerful URL Shortener Free Nulled Code & Plugins (8.20 MB)

EOS Description Eos is a simple and powerful URL Shortener by Dev Uncoded.
Here are some points covered:
1) Easy Installation
2) No Database Required
3) Shrink Links Easily
4) Powerful API
5) Beautiful Frontend And Admin Panel
6) Comes with a troubleshooter to automatically solve your problems
7) Click Analytics
8 ) Edit And Delete Links
9) Edit Pages (You can simply duplicate a page to create a new one)
10) See stats like total links created & total views in the dashboard
11) Really Simple And Helpful Documentation

Changelog: CURRENT VERSION: 1.3 – 18th March 2017 -Fixed bug that stopped logging in from installation screen. -Removed +FollowSymlinks from htaccess to increase compatibility with servers/hosts.

1.2 – 6th March 2017 - Fixed bug in script that caused the admin panel to not work when using a subdirectory.

1.1 – 30th January 2017 -Fixed bug that resulted in links with added forward slash (/) to throw an error. -Added filters to inputs to safeguard against hackers.

1.0 – 11th January 2017 Launched!

Rating 5,5 stars - 502 reviews